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Gary Green, M.D.

Gary Green, M.D.
Dr. Green is board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine and is a fellow in the American College of Physicians and American College of Sports Medicine. He resides in Malibu and has 2 young daughters.

Dr. Green was raised in Maplewood, New Jersey and attended the University of Pennsylvania where he rowed on the crew team and graduated cum laude with honors in Sociology. Following graduation, he completed medical school at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia and then internship and residency in Internal Medicine at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, also located in Philadelphia. Eager to begin a career in sports medicine, Dr. Green was appointed head team physician at the University of Delaware immediately after residency. He remained there until 1988 when he was recruited by UCLA to join the sports medicine team in the Department of Family Medicine. From 1988 until 2004, Dr. Green maintained a clinical practice within the UCLA Department of Family Medicine and a member of the Division of Sports Medicine. During that time, he served as a team physician for UCLA Intercollegiate Athletics. He attained the rank of Clinical Professor in the UCLA School of Medicine.

In July 2004, Dr. Green was pleased to accept the offer of Dr.'s Johnson and Ma to join them in opening a private practice in Pacific Palisades. Dr. Krystyna McNicholl also agreed to enter into the practice and the opportunity to work with 3 excellent physicians became a reality.

Dr. Green has been a team physician for intercollegiate athletics since 1986 and currently serves as a team physician for Pepperdine University and the US National Soccer Team. Dr. Green served as a member of the NCAA's Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sport and chaired the NCAA Committee on Drug Testing and Drug Education for 5 years. He is actively investigating the area of athletes and drug abuse and conducts research through the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory. Dr. Green is also the consultant to Major League Baseball on Anabolic Steroids and Performance-enhancing drugs.

Dr. Green's research pursuits include drug use in athletics and head injuries in soccer players. He has written 19 articles for peer-reviewed journals, 14 book chapters and 13 other miscellaneous publications. Dr. Green lectures extensively to local and national organizations on a variety of sports medicine topics. He also spent 6 years on the committee to develop the certification examination in Sports Medicine. He recently served as a section editor for Routledge's Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine. Dr. Green has also appeared on various local and national radio and television programs discussing the issue of drugs and athletes.

Dr. Green is an avid proponent of exercise for patients and he tries to practice what he preaches. He still finds time to play basketball at noon at UCLA and is a regular cyclist and enjoys hiking in the local mountains. Dr. Green has developed a practice style that works with the patient to develop healthy lifestyle choices and assist the patient in making changes that will allow long-term benefits. He enjoys seeing all types of patients from teenagers to the geriatric population with a variety of medical problems and in addition to specializing in sports medicine, also has expertise in the field of addiction medicine.