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Brenda Barrilas, Medical Assistant

Brenda Barrilas
Brenda Barilllas is proud to be a certified medical assistant and x-ray technician with 7 years of clinical experience. She along with husband Carlos and three-year old son, Anthony, live in Santa Monica.

Brenda was originally born and raised in Central America in the beautiful country of Guatemala. She attended school in Guatemala City up to the age of fifteen, at which time her family relocated to Buena Park, California. By age seventeen Brenda had graduated from Buena Park High School. After high school she continued her education at Fullerton College. From there she furthered her skills by completing a certified medical assistant program at Poly Ethics in the City of Long Beach. She went on to obtain additional skills as a certified x-ray technician.

Brenda Barrilas with family
Her work career began nearly 8 years ago when she joined five well respected UCLA physicians in Culver City. With the formation of the Pacific Palisades Medical Group, Inc., the physicians were seeking very friendly and experienced personnel to help them build their team. Brenda Barillas fit that description and is now enjoying the patients, physicians and fellow staff in this beautiful setting. She enjoys the wide range of patients cared for in this office from sick children to injured athletes to highly functional adults to the slightly more frail octogenarians +.

More recently, Brenda has been trying her hand at maintaining a salt water aquarium, but the Pacific Palisades Medical Group is happy to report that while her nurturing ability with salt water fish is somewhat suspect, her ability to nurture and care for our patients is outstanding.

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