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Travel Care

The Pacific Palisades Medical Group, Inc. (PPMG) offers a full-service travel clinic designed to meet the medical needs of patients traveling abroad. The PPMG Travel Clinic offers a complete array of travel vaccines, including yellow fever, for the international traveler. Our clinic maintains Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updates on health alerts and recommendation regarding malaria prophylaxis.

Your visit to the Travel Clinic begins by completing a form that lists your medical history, previous vaccinations, and most importantly, a detailed description of your travel itinerary. This Travel Clinic Intake Form is available in our office or you may download this form and the completion instructions from our website. Once your completed intake form is received by our office, a member of our staff will call to verify the information and arrange an appointment for you at our Travel Clinic.

Your consultation with a physician in Travel Clinic includes:
  • All recommended vaccinations
  • Counseling as to specific risks to your itinerary
  • Tip sheets on general travel precautions
  • Prescriptions for recommended medications
  • Determination of malaria risk and prescriptions
  • Information on jet lag
  • Prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal problems
  • How to find a doctor abroad
If you just desire certain vaccines, without any prescriptions or advice, you may schedule a nurse Travel Clinic visit only.

The Travel Clinic will tailor your visit to your specific travel plans. We recommend that you schedule your Travel Clinic visit at least 2 weeks before your intended departure date.

The following are the fees for Travel Clinic services:

Professional Fees:
Vaccinations only (nurse visit):
(Includes Malaria prescriptions)
Travel Consultation (physician visit):
(Includes necessary prescriptions and travel advice)


Vaccine Charges (includes injection fees):
Polio (IPV):
Hepatitis A:
Hepatitis B:
MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella):
Typhoid fever:
Yellow fever:
Rabies (3-vaccine series):

Health insurances generally do not cover travel services; therefore the PPMG does not bill any third party insurance or HMOs for your travel services and immunizations. Payments for the PPMG Travel Clinic services and immunizations should be made at the time of your visit and can be made via check, cash or credit card.

To collect potential reimbursement from your insurance company we will provide you a receipt of payment with a list of the services and immunizations provided.