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Concierge Care

The PPMG Concierge Care Program provides highly personalized guidance and service in an increasingly depersonalized and fragmented healthcare system. The majority of our patients have joined the Concierge program, and they find that the service gives them unparalleled access to their physicians and coordinated care through the insurance maze. This affordable annual program provides its members access, service, and guidance that improves a patient’s healthcare experience and helps them navigate an increasingly bureaucratic and complicated system.

Benefits of the Pacific Palisades Medical Group Concierge Program include:

Access and Guidance
  • Expedited phone service with a private phone number that immediately connects to a dedicated staff member during business hours and our on-call physician when the office is closed without voicemail or automatic recordings.
  • Physician access for phone consultations
  • Direct online communication with your physician and our office through a secure web portal to handle most routine requests including consultations, prescriptions, referrals, appointments, test results, and forms
  • Same day or next day appointments with minimal office waiting
  • Personally arranged appointments with preferred subspecialists and scheduling of out of office tests.
  • Office visits scheduled without physician time constraints
  • Emergency room, surgical, and hospital guidance
  • Personal physician to physician communication with specialists and hospital care
  • Dedicated staff to personally help you with insurance authorizations, referrals, prescription refills and authorizations, billing, and other third party paperwork.

The Pacific Palisades Medical Group Concierge Care program is an affordably priced program that adds convenience and security to your existing healthcare. The current insurance and billing arrangements will remain unchanged, but the annual retainer for the program is not part of any insurance or Medicare contract and will be billed directly to the patient.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Crystal, our Concierge Care administrator at 310-995-9492.