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New Patient Information

The Pacific Palisades Medical Group, Inc. (PPMG) welcomes new patients to the practice. Wait times are generally short and we can usually accommodate same day urgent visits.

Appointments may be scheduled by calling 310-459-7736.

If you are scheduling a complete physical exam, often referred to as an 'annual physical' or 'periodic health assessment,' our PATIENT HEALTH QUESTIONAIRE is available at out office or you can download this form from our website. Please complete this form prior to your scheduled appointment.

It is ideal to have blood work performed a week prior to your annual physical, so that your physician can discuss these results with you at the time of your visit. Our office staff will can conveniently arrange these tests for you. If this is not possible, then please come in fasting for 12 hours prior to your annual physical/periodic health assessment visit.

It is most helpful if female patients notify us when scheduling their appointment if they need a pelvic exam and pap smear.

If your examination requires the completion of a third party form (i.e. school forms, athletic forms, employment forms, etc.), please let us know when you schedule your appointment and complete all non-physician sections PRIOR to your visit, and bring any required supportive information (i.e. immunization records, prior records, etc.) to your visit.

Please refer to Contracted Health Plans, Existing Patient Info and Medication Refill Policy for further important information relating to the philosophy and policies of the PPMG.

We hope to have the opportunity to care for you soon.