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Existing Patient Information

The Pacific Palisades Medical Group, Inc. (PPMG) recommends that patients take an active role in maintaining their health and aggressively managing any medical problems that they may experience.

Attention to regular aerobic exercise and maintaining a healthy weight range are fundamental cornerstones of good health. Please feel free to discuss these issues with you PPMG physician.

In addition to proper eating and exercise, modern science has much to offer individuals in the way of preventative care and optimizing certain health conditions. The specifics of these tests and treatments, (i.e. SCREENING COLONOSCOPY, MAMMOGRAPHY, BONE DENSITY TESTING, BLOOD PRESSURE CONTROL, etc.), vary according to one's age, gender, family history, concurrent medical problems and past medical history.

We recommend that all patients see their physician for a PERIODIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT, often referred to as an annual physical exam, once per year to discuss these issues and have a physical examination appropriate for your age and medical condition(s).

Prior to your PERIODIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT/ANNUAL PHYSICAL, carefully complete our PATIENT HEALTH QUESTIONAIRE prior to your visit. You may obtain a copy of this form at our office or download this form from our website. Be sure to bring this completed form with you to your PERIODIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT/ANNUAL PHYSICAL with your physician.

The PPMG is contracted with some PPOs. Patients with non-contracted PPO insurance are responsible for their fees at the time of service. The PPMG will send a claim to their insurance as a courtesy. Monthly statements will notify patients of any balances due. For billing inquires relating to the PPMG fees and payments, please call our billing vendor MD Systems at 818-206-1418.

Co-payments are always due and payable in cash, check or credit card at the time of your visit. Please bring your insurance card with you on every visit and have your appropriate co-payment ready for receipt.

Please be aware that some health care services are not covered by your insurance plan. This is highly variable from plan to plan. In general, examinations for third party requirements (i.e. employment exams, travel vaccinations, exams for civil, criminal or administrative issues, certain cosmetic procedures) are not covered by most insurance plans. If you have a PPO insurance plan, we will try to notify you at the time of your visit of your responsibility for these services and will require payment at this time, but in some cases we will only find out the absence of coverage after we submit a claim on your behalf to your insurance carrier. In such cases, you are responsible for the outstanding amount.

The PPMG has some basic charges for medical record copying (other than to a treating or subsequent treating physician) and for form completion for administrative issues.

These tests and procedures are generally performed at UCLA Healthcare, Quest Labs, Tower Imaging, Providence/St. John's Health System or other appropriate specialist's offices. Charges for these services are billed separately through these entities.

Please refer to our Medication Refill Policy for a complete review of this issue. In general, the PPMG encourages and directs patients to have their entire medication refill needs handled at the time of their scheduled visits. It is inefficient and problematic to try to manage this issue over the phone or through phone calls and faxes from a pharmacy. Such approaches can lead to substantial time delays and potential inaccuracies in getting your medications.

PPMG patients are generally hospitalized at UCLA Santa Monica, UCLA Westwood or Providence/St. John's hospitals. The attending physician patiemt care for patients requiring hospitalization is usually provided by a team of UCLA or Providence/St. John's hospitalists with close communication with your regular PPMG physician. These are physician who specialize in the care of hospitalized patients and are available within the hospital 24 hours per day.

After hours phone coverage is provided by the physicians of the PPMG. For emergent situations requiring contact with our on-call physician, please call our phone number (310-459-7736) and follow the prompts. Please note that it is the policy of the PPMG to neither refill medications nor deal with any non-emergent administrative issues during after hour's coverage.

The PPMG has no fee for phone conversations with patients, or for after hour's emergency calls.